Social Media e Marketing

Communication has evolved into conversation, we were born with this change.We invent strategies every day, we study new tools and forms of communication, all to put you in contact with anyone connected to the network.

Websites, Portals and Apps

Being present in the digital world is important. But it is more important to do it right. Each site or portal we create has three characteristics, it works on any device, it can be modified by you and most importantly it is tailor-made.

Custom software

Every company has its own needs, and it is increasingly necessary to automate processes based on real needs. We have developed ad hoc applications for accounting management, warehouse management, online booking of tourist services and much more.

IT Consulting and Security

Years of experience in the sector have put us in contact with the best specialists with whom we have a close collaboration to be able to advise you on networks, servers, software, data security and PCI compliance.

Professional Translations

We have been collaborating for years with companies, law firms, notaries and professionals who need specialized translations, including certified translations. We also deal with the translation of documents and certificates for private clients.

GDPR - Privacy Plans

The new European legislation imposes obligations on companies in relation to the management and protection of data, we follow companies in the preparation of the documents necessary to be in compliance and in the application of this standard.

Lost Data Recovery

we recover lost data from your damaged devices, USB sticks, mobile phones and hard drives within 24 / 48 hours

Video shooting with drone

we acquire very high resolution aerial images and with RAW profiles. We acquire aerial images for the creation of visual content.









Our latest achievements

Some examples of projects carried out and already used with satisfaction by the customer

The opinions of our customers

The opinions of our customers are a more important advertising medium, because a satisfied customer helps us to grow.

"I liked the human relationship as well as the competence of the developers who managed to grasp the main objective of my request."

Marino Peirone
Car repair owner

"I have been buying services and products from Whycon for 6 months and I must honestly say that I am happy, the staff is friendly and professional, always ready to intervene on any problems to solve them"

Maura Bottasso
Purchasing Manager

"Assistance that few give even at late hours! I feel good and are serious"

Giorgio Mariotti
Business owner

"The service is great, but other reviewers have already written this. In my opinion, the most interesting aspect is the customer service, which in my experience has proved to be punctual, precise and courteous."

Andrea Giordano
Assistance Manager

Our Blog

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